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Credit Card Processing Services – EPS

Epic Payments is the industry leader in providing merchant services for businesses in Long Island. We will protect your business sensitive data and customer's credit card information by POS payment which keeps all information safe. POS Systems Long Island allows merchants to determine whether a cardholder is an authorized user after swiping a card.

Our customer services is one of the best from POS Companies in Long Island and are available 24/7 which means you can always speak to payment specialist who can provide support when you need it most.

Point of Sale Solutions

POS Companies in Long Island, Best Credit Card Processing Company – EPS


Nowadays Point of sale is essential for every business. POS solution should be secure, fast, redundant, and supports the latest payment technologies such as EMV and NFC/Apple Pay™. Exatouch® delivers on all fronts, optimizing payment acceptance while increasing productivity and managing operations. POS systems are very easy to use for payment process and it helps retailers and business owners to save time to analyze sales, stock, staff, and clients.

Epic Payment Systems is one of the trusted POS Companies in Long Island. Our POS Equipment’s are affordable with best features which helps to grow businesses.



Clover is the best point of sales platform and advanced payment interfaces. In addition, it offers swipe, EMV chip and contactless payments safely and securely. Clover has user-friendly features and it helps to grow business ideally.



Focus POS Software

Focus POS is an advanced software technology and mostly used to the restaurant management and to hospitality industry. Focus POS has very great features along with trouble-free system. It helps to boost the customer business profits. While others have tried to replicate our system, the time-tested development and expertise inherent in Focus remains and innovation all its own.

SoftTouch Hospitality Management System

SoftTouch POS Systems has best functionalities with an awesome interface. It will help to the restaurant management and hospitality industry for ordering, management, delivery and more. SoftTouch POS is a complete solution for restaurants, bar and hospitality management business. The SoftTouch POS helps to save the time in labor management and increase the business profits.

It is the latest in the line of flexibility, power and simplicity that have made SoftTouch the system of choice in the hospitality industry.




For those who wanted to boost their business revenues and have most repetitive customers’, eGift is the best solution. Increase your repeat visits by spreading eGift Cards. Gift cards are the perfect fit for any retail or restaurant location, chamber of commerce and malls environment for engage the customers. It also helps to improve the cash flow of your business.


Integrated Payments



ProCharge Plugin streamlines your entire accounting process. Just login to your existing QuickBooks account and your transaction and billing data will automatically integrate in real-time. It helps to manage e-invoicing, recurring billing, and refunds directly through the accounting software. Additionally, all sensitive cardholder data is securely stored for future use and it is fully-integrated payment processing system.

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QuickBooks® is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries, used under license.

The perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses including large organizations, we offer comprehensive integration options into Sage software, enabling you to manage your processes more efficiently.

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Small Business Cash Advance Loans and Merchant Services – EPS

Value-Added Services

PCI Compliance Program

We provide best PCI compliance services for every merchant account and protect transmit credit card information maintain a secure data and protect your record against heavy fines and penalties.

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American Express OptBlue Program

Receive low American Express transaction rates. Join American Express OptBlue program to reduce your merchant fees. It’s an easy choice for very small businesses. Call now at 929-268-0261 and know more about the benefits of the OptBlue Program for American Express Card Acceptance!

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Reporting Tools

Epic Payment Systems offers the best tool for your business and organization’s needs. It will help you to view complete data, transaction and billing data. Call now at 929-268-0261 and Get more details of which equipment best for your business.

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Merchant Advantage Program

We complete take care of your merchant account. We supply paper on demand for multifunctional devices which captures the required information, including the merchant-related information to complete the one-time electronic payment. Hurry up, call your local representative and sign up and receive paper supplies, stickers, pole signs and more!

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Merchant Financing

Epic Payment Systems offers alternative financing solutions for your business and organizations with convenient payback options, which help to grow your business and boost the cash flow and more!

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Cash Advances

Merchant cash advance is the best financing options for every business. Our funding associates work to purchase a preset amount of your credit card receivables, infusing your business with the cash you require now!

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