In today's business environment, Exatouch technology helps to improve your business potential. Exatouch is a very fast, secure, supportive and affordable POS system which is designed to fit any businesses. Advance your business potential with a winning combination of payment technologies and services. Exatouch POS system is perfect for every restaurant, retail merchants, liquor stores, salons/spas, convenience stores and more. Exatouch equipment and processing packages suitable for every business and provides ongoing support with affordable monthly cost. Take your businesses to the next level with the help of Exatouch!

Leading Hardware

Exatouch is a modern, flexibility with high-performance system designed to endure. Exatouch packages come with an LCD touchscreen and multiple USB ports and more. Get stylish, compact, durable Exatouch.

Feature-Rich System

Exatouch has really amazing features! It is fast, secure and user friendly. Its employee and customer management features are incredible and helps to every small business. It has also inventory, order, table mapping, purchasing abilities, gift card support and real-time data analysis features.

Programming, Setup & Training

It has very easy setup! We'll preload your menu and inventory. We will also make sure that how you can take the advantage of Exatouch's features. Call now at 929-268-0261 for more details.

Secure Data Management

Exatouch POS system is fully secured. Email a weekly payroll report or manage your promotions list. Plus, with Cloud access, your data is securely stored at all times.


EMV - Ready Today!

Exatouch is one of the few full-featured point of sale systems that is EMV-ready today! Our wide variety of semi-integrated, EMV-certified payment devices seamlessly integrate with Exatouch, offering more secure methods for accepting payments while enhancing the customer experience. Regardless of your business type or size, you can easily and securely accept all forms of payment through your Exatouch system, including EMV and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay.


Complete Point of Sale

High Perforamnce. Reliable. Stylish.

Package Includes:

All-in-one touchscreen, feature-rich software, thermal printer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, customer display, wireless keyboard/mouse, and semi-integrated EMV-ready device.



Convenient. User-friendly. Secure.

10" Touchscreen Tablet Features:

Full software capabilities, complete order entry, table map and multi-zone, front of house management, line busting, and support for EMV.


Restaurant Point of Sale

Server station designed to accompany your Exatouch POS

Our Exatouch Restuarant Bundle is the perfect addition, maximizing operations with:

All-in-one touchscreen, full software capabilities, thermal printer, and complete, convenient order entry for servers!

Exatouch Placement Program

Epic Payment Systems' Exatouch Placement Program provides a complete point of sale package with everything you need - hardware, software and ongoing support - at an affordable monthly cost. Enhance your business operations with an advanced, user-friendly POS system tailored to your business. Also enjoy significant cost savings and all Epic Payment Systems partner benefits, including:



> Low upfront cost with a lifetime warranty

> Free software upgrades service

> 24/7 in-house technical support

> Full EMV support, including tip adjust on EMV

> Free inventory/menu programming and training service

> Leading hardware and feature-rich software


Designed to fit any business.

Contact us today and learn more about Exatouch Placement Program. Call now on (929-268-0261