Equipment Overview



Epic Payment Systems makes payment processing systems for your business. We offer easy to integrate, fast, reliable and secure payment processing gateway for your business operations. Our wide variations of advanced payment devices are specifically designed to work well in any environment, while meeting important budgetary considerations and enhancing the customer experience. Talk with us to figure out which solutions are best for your business!


In today's business environment, Exatouch technology is one of the POS that supports the latest payments technologies such as EMV and NFC/Apple Pay. It also helps to Increase your business potential. Exatouch is the perfect for restaurants, retail merchants, and stores and more. We will help you to select the Exatouch equipment and processing packages best suited for your business. Increase your productivity and improve your business with Exatouch!



Clover is the leading POS tablet solution on the market, and with our exclusive Clover Placement Program, you can select the hardware and software options that work best for your business! Whether you're seeking simple countertop or mobile payment solutions, or require full POS capabilities, Clover delivers!


EMV and NFC Devices

As a leading provider of innovative, integrated payment solutions, Epic Payment Systems supports EMV and contactless payments, such as Apple Pay. We stock a wide array of affordable, state-of-the-art equipment, enabling merchants nationwide to accept the latest forms of payments and deliver faster, more secure transactions.